John was born in Lichfield, Staffordshire, England, and primarily raised in Warwickshire orphanages where his many photographic odysseys have their roots. A move to Wales and involvement as a Group Leader of a Welsh Young Ornithologists group led John into his initial passion of natural history photography. Early subjects were the many species of bird that were nursed back to health, plus a love of landscape and the macro subjects that abound everywhere one goes. 

The ornithological work led to the receiving of a Prince of Wales Award in 1978, which is when John took on school, wedding, stock and commercial photography.  This included items such as product imagery and photographing professional musicians for the Welsh music label, Sain.

At the same time he also freelanced for Welsh and English publications, and for whoever would buy his photography work and his occasional writing. The awards flowed within the Welsh and English Photographic Federations, and also at the Welsh National Eisteddfod [a festival of the arts] on a regular basis.  John's work also found recognition in several nationally distributed British photo magazines.

John ran a full-time photo studio in the mountains of the McCall, Idaho, from 1985 to 1998 when he moved to Idaho's capital, Boise. Still full-time, John works from a home office shooting commercial projects, stock images, creating photo-designs, and leading photography tours for small groups etcetera. The latter is a source of much stock.

Since his arrival in the U.S.A. John has been widely published in many British and Canadian magazines including Natural History and Farm and Ranch Living here in the United States . . . plus many other magazines and projects in-between.

He has written 80 plus photography columns, teaches the 'photographic arts' at conventions and seminars, and plans to have a 'coffee table' book of images on release in the next 'decade' [he likes to be realistic!].

John also specializes in what the British term as 'slide/sound' production. In the U.S.A. this might be termed as 'multi-media' or 'audio-visual'. Perhaps the more accurate term of 'multi-image' goes a little further in conveying the delicacy, deftness, sensitivity, emotion and creativity that John puts into his two-projector work. His programs are collectively titled 'Visual Journeys', and have been screened at many conventions and business meetings etcetera.

For more details go to the multi-image presentations page.

Because of the recognition brought about by his presentations, John has been asked to photograph and produce various customized pieces for a number of businesses and organizations over the years.

He believes that integrity emanates from the very heart of a person, and [should] touch all things one is involved in. For John, this is also based solidly in spiritual values which will be reflected in attitude, care shown, and a general 'can do' disposition.

You will have noticed that John is certainly not a one-subject photo specialist. He is a photographer in every sense of the word, and his experience in many photographic fields gives him insights, perspectives and solutions in all the photographic situations he finds himself in. It is also reflected in in his vast and varied photo subjects in the stock library.

In other words, in John you'll get a wealth of experience, true artistry, and someone who is very easy to work with.